Please note:  The following states are excluded and cannot partner with Arise: Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Wisconsin


The Process

  • Getting started

1. First, you will go to the website and choose REGISTER NOW. ​ 

  • Your Profile

2.  Fill out your profile. Once you get to the step to enter a Referring CSP ID# 2096866 ​for our company. ​

  • Voice Assessment

3. Now it’s time to take a voice assessment. There is no fee or cost for this. Make sure your assessment is done from a landline. The background must be quiet. Choose a distraction free area of your home. (Meaning NO BACKGROUND noise. Examples are no kids, spouses, pets, TV’s, radios, or any other outside noises). ARISE WILL DISQUALIFY YOU IF NOISE IS HEARD. The assessment is showing them how you will handle your calls and what clients and / or customers will hear while working from home. Good luck. Piece of cake!

  • The Background Check

4.  Once your background check comes back (up to 24 hours) you will advance to where it will ask you to “Create” or “Join” a business. Choose “Join Existing”. You cannot start a new business without the proper licenses and forms with your state. So be sure to join a business already registered with the Arise network.  If you need any help during the set-up process, feel free to contact us. ​

  • Our IBO Info

5.  When you are asked for the IBO ID# Enter 133077. This will be the business ID# to join our team.  Then, click on the magnifying glass to populate the company name: Media Kiings Inc 

  • Documents and Pay Options

​6.  Once you complete the above steps, reach out to us and we will accept all documents required.  This may take a few moments.  At this point we will be able to discuss pay options on the clients you are interested in.   

  • Social Interaction and Discussions

​7. Please remember to join our Facebook group and become a member of the Media Kiings Communications Family.  Here you will be able to get important information from me and also discuss issues with others on our team!

  • Finalization

8. I will then send you documents by email to be signed electronically. You do not need to print them out unless you want a copy of what you signed. We do keep all signed documents on file. Make sure to fill out the documents completely. I will have to have these documents before the first pay cycle.

  • Welcome to the Team

Once Qualified

  • Before you are eligible to work for a client on the portal, you must first sign up for a specific client’s certification class. Course cost for a client’s certification may vary based on the client you choose. (But not to worry we will fully refund the course cost once you have completed certification and service for for 90 days).
  • Each course has different requirements. 
  • Choose a client that you would like to work for. Then, pay for the course. Look for the blue circle with a “i” inside it. Here you will find the client specific info and requirements. ​
  • Once you qualify for the client. You will receive an email a week or so before the start date, this will have all important information, like how to enter the class, any necessary tools you will need along with instructions on how to access any pre-work that will be required to be completed before your first day of class.  Remember attendance is mandatory, you must log in on time, during the time frame chosen each day. 
  • Next, you will choose your client.  Please keep in mind that the time selected for class is required each day Mon-Fri.  There is a 100% attendance.  It is very strict.  If you have vacation coming up or anything else take that in consideration when choose class schedules. If you are not in every class, they will drop you from that class opportunity.
  • Arise will then send me your SOW (Statement of Work) that Media Kiings Inc. will sign on your behalf. This is your contract with (Arise, The Client and Media Kiings Inc. a Digital copy of the SOW will be provided for you to sign for your file with Media Kiings Inc.
  • Next you will begin setting up your hours. Access to the Starmatic system is how you will select and set up your hours you desire to work. Starmatic is in the Arise Portal. There you will choose the Intervals you wish to work. You will be able to set you schedule in 30-minute increments or intervals. Each interval is a 1/2 hour). Don’t for get to plan for a break when scheduling you time. It is your responsibility to work the chosen intervals each day.  
  • Remember once you select your schedule you must work those intervals.  You are committing to that time by selecting them.  Keep an open line of communication with Media Kiings Inc. should something come up preventing you from working.  
  • If for some reason you are not able to work selected shift, make sure you swap the intervals.  DO NOT RELEASE INTERVALS.  This will affect your commitment adherence.  If you have a last-minute emergency contact me and we can discuss options.  Commitment adherence is very important to your Statement of Work (SOW)!